Words and places, mixed together.

Experience the world on a new level, explore the path of books, lyrics, movies and other stories.
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Every place has its feelings and stories

Many places became famous through the pages of a book and we pictured them in our mind thousands of times while reading and dreaming, some others are still untold, hidden in people's everyday lives.

Litteratour is a powerful tool to discover cities in-depth, guided by the stories and feelings connected to a space. You can share quotes you love from books, song lyrics, movies and tales or write your own personal stories becoming the next big storyteller of the community.

Main Features

Cool things you can do with Litteratour App


Filter the map and search for new places, quotes or authors. Discover new storytellers and follow their profile.


Contribute to localize your favourite quotes on the map or start to write your own personal stories.


Use the map or your friends profile to look for new quotes to collect. Swipe and read you diaries at any time, even offline.

Litteratour app iOS


Save and organize your favourite quotes in diaries. You can use them to plan, explore or remember your journeys.


Notify all your friends about your favourite Litteratour quotes and share them on your social networking accounts.

Be inspired

Don't know where to start? Simply refresh the map to discover new random places and quotes!


Litteratour App is designed to let you feel comfortable with reading and writing activities and much more.

Join the community

The possibilities are endless, unleash your creativity!


Use map and filters to discover new places and new quotes. You can use multiple filters and combine them to browse the map by author, title, user and place. Find some inspirations following the activities of other storytellers and swipe your friends' diaries to discover common passions.


Contribute to the community and add to the map quotes from authors that you love or write some piece of text by yourself. Various types of contributions can be added: personal stories, fiction, dialogues and imagistic language to convey the essence of your experience in a specific place.


When you find some special quotes save them into your profile and organize them in diaries. You can create as many diaries as you want and use them to collect quotes or create literary itineraries. Build your diaries around an author, a place, a book, a movie or a specific literary topic that you like.

Litteratour is avaible on the App Store

"Litteratour has been the big story in our life for two years, the story we want to tell and share with the world. We started it as our little dream, we made it grow and now we are so excited to see it starting to become true".
It can be your project too. If you like it join the community and spread the word!


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